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General information

General information

The "LAKES 66" will take place in a very fascinating area, the Secchia river conservation area; this is very close to Modena, but it’s unexpectedly wild and beautiful. The race is a trail running adventure, 66 km in 3 legs; the runners will enjoy the magnificent environment running in the nature, with day and nightlight: an unforgettable outdoor experience. The race is open both to runners and walkers, with its highlight in the accommodations, arranged in a tented camp close to the banks of the lakes.

THE AREA The location is the “Curiel Lakes" in Campogalliano, a few km from Modena, very close to the Brennero highway’s gate of Campogalliano. A large parking lot is available.

THE CAMP Accommodations can be arranged with own or provided tents for 1 or 2 people. Other options available are hotel/B&B accommodations in Campogalliano or close to the area (with the purchase of the race bib only – see the participation fees section) and in own camper/van that can be parked in a reserved area close to the campsite.
Other features: fully equipped camp kitchen and food storage arrangedged on 3 big 4x4 trucks, big dining tent, doctors’ tent, massage tent, race direction tent, showers and toilets.
The bib will be considered an admission title to all the services. Possible wives/husbands/friends not running, can enjoy the meals by paying a fee directly on the spot. A New Balance Expert gazebo will be open at the camp for trail shoes testing.

THE MEALS A highlight in all our events is the catering service. It’s organized with the support of our special 4x4 trucks equipped with kitchen, professional ovens and fridges, power station and everything necessary to grant the best italian style meals. You’ll find pasta, risotto, soups, different meat and veggy courses, ham and cheese, together with dessert, fruit and coffee, and, of course, water and wine. At breakfast and during coffee breaks, the, coffee, soft drinks, sweets, biscuits, pizza and salty “focacce” will be offered. Beer is not included in the participation fee, but it will be available in big amounts...

THE RACE It’s a trail running race of 66 km, open to Runners, Sport Nordic Walkers (competitive participants) and simple Nordic Walkers (non-competitive participants), with a night leg km 10 long (friday) and two legs respectively 35 and 21 km long (saturday and sunday). The legs are almost entirely off road and run within the Secchia river conservation area. There’s almost no climb, except for a few up-and-downs, while some sections run in the mid of thick vegetation, with small natural obstacles such as logs and broken branches or smal fords. The terrains is mainly hard, with some rare tar sections on minor roads. MANDATORY for the friday night leg, is a headlamp or a torch; also mandatory is a chemical light or a reflector fixed on the back of the shirt. The trails will be completely marked, while the critical points will be controlled by the roganization staff. Only the 35 and 23 kms legs will have waterpoints; MANDATORY for these legs is having a camelbak or hip water bottles with at least 1 liter of water. The sport nordic walkers category will be subject to the same mileage and timing of the runners. A complete medical assistance is assured during the entire race. A massage service will be also provided at a cost.

TRASFERT : by Minivan from Aerport Bologna to Laghi Curriel  A/R 

Is possible you can request a special trasfert aerport Bologna- Campogalliano by van

special price  a/r € 100